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5 Strategies to Enhance Customer Loyalty through Online Ordering System

Learn how your restaurant can enhance customer loyalty by customizing your online ordering system. Online ordering has grown in popularity and completely revolutionized the way restaurants offer food services. Customers are now looking for convenience and demand prompt and sanitary...

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Online Ordering Stats that will Blow Your Mind

Key Points These statistics show the positive impact that online ordering can have on your restaurant More consumers than ever before are using online ordering for takeout and delivery – a craze that is changing the restaurant industry. Many restaurants...

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How Online Ordering Significantly Impacts Your Restaurant

Key Points Get statistics on the latest impact online ordering has on restaurants and why you should implement new technology The popularity of online ordering is on a meteoric rise. From giants like Amazon and Walmart to small startups, direct-to-consumer...

Restaurant Trends to Watch for in 2022

Key Points These 5 trends will thrust your restaurant into the new era The changes made to stay in business as the restaurant industry emerges from the challenges of the 2020 pandemic have helped shape a few key trends. According...

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How to Deal with the Staffing Shortage in your Restaurant

Key Point Discover tactics to help you face the labor shortage In our last article, “Four Reasons Workers are Staying Away from the Restaurant Industry,” we discovered why workers were not returning to the foodservice industry. This article will give...

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