Orderlivery Features

This consolidated restaurant operations system will revolutionize your restaurant establishment. It acts as a point-of-sale platform allowing you to run on a smaller staff and for them to be more efficient with real-time table management and seamless notifications. You’ll love how everything is truly contactless for your patrons allowing them to order on their own and pay at the table without the need for staff. Have the ability to offer food delivery to increase your sales without the hassle of third-party commissions.

iOS Compatible

Android Compatible

DoorDash Syncing

UberEats Syncing

QR Table Ordering

Inventory Management

Point of Sale

Menu Management


Operating System

Host App


Kitchen App

Customer Web App


Food Runner App

Point of Sale System

Our POS platform will allow staff members to be more efficient and allow restaurants to have less staff members.
  • Mobile and Tablet Optimized POS systems for runners and hosts to serve and charge on the go.
  • Real-time table monitoring for hosts and food runners.
  • Ability to view table requests from the POS.
  • Ability to approve and decline orders based on inventory.
  • Seamless notification to the kitchen of new orders coming in by table, pickup, and even delivery.
  • Restaurant employee management and menu management for restaurant managers / owners
  • Ability to edit menu once and it will be displayed in POS and on customer delivery app.
  • Ability to track tables and see if they have paid or not.

Customer Web & App

Our platform will allow patrons to experience a true contactless experience at a restaurant. From the moment they walk in to the moment they check out. All of this in the palm of their hands.
  • Ability to scan QR Code to view menu and order by table
  • Ability to request a refill, more napkins, and more from the web app or mobile app experience.
  • Ability to pay for the food when you are ready. No more waiting to call a waiter or waitress over for your tab.
  • Ability to order food for delivery or pickup
  • Ability to save your favorite food so the next time you order you don't have to wait.
  • Ability to track food in progress both in the restaurant and for deliveries.

Driver App

Our CROS system will be the first ever POS system that has pickup and delivery all on one platform. No more using 3rd parties to integrate.
  • Ability to make more money as a driver.
  • Ability to get payouts same day.
  • Ability for restaurants to track their drivers
  • Ability to integrate with Uber Eats, DoorDash, and GrubHub
  • Ability to message customers that you are on the way!
  • 24/7 Customer Support