Our Message to the Restaurant Industry

During Covid-19 in the spring of 2020, our governor ordered restaurants to shut down. This was devastating to the industry. Eventually, they allowed pick-up and delivery. Businesses like Door Dash, Uber Eats, and other delivery options were charging a 30% commission even before the pandemic. This amount of commission was a blow to the restaurant industry confronted with a crisis during this time.

We created Orderlivery to help the merchant cut down on costs so they can sustain a level of integrity while maintaining profits. Orderlivery charges significantly lower commissions to all restaurants to provide a much-needed service at an affordable cost.

We are here to support restaurant owners. With us, you can provide an additional service and source of revenue for your business. Our branded, fairly paid delivery drivers provide excellent service to your customers who will enjoy faster delivery from their favorite restaurants.

We currently serve Arlington, Grand Prairie, and Mansfield.

Our future holds many great things and we hope to expand our services and service area. The future of your business is with Orderlivery.

Charlie Pham – Chairman and CEO

Highest Quality Delivery

Better Pay For Drivers

Lower Cost For Restaurants

Why people are switching to Orderlivery

We have currently suspended deliveries until further notice to focus on newer technology. Please follow us on Facebook to see when we will be back.