Black girl surpised at what she sees while adjusts sunglasses.

Key Points

Orderlivery is changing the foodservice industry and we’ve had to pause delivery. You can still order pick-up from select restaurants.

Black girl surpised at what she sees while adjusts sunglasses.

Since our inception, Orderlivery has been on a mission to change the foodservice industry. The current climate has allowed us to discover more ways we can help restaurants even better. Our tech team is working hard on some new software that will revolutionize how restaurants do business. In the meantime, we have had to temporarily pause our delivery services. 

Pick-up Orders Only

While we work on our next groundbreaking project, we are currently only offering online ordering for pick-up at select restaurants. We will offer delivery again soon. Follow our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn) to discover when that will be, and of course, engage in all our fun posts! 

What’s Going On?

In 2020, Orderlivery found a way to offer restaurants lower commission rates and gave them a way to do more business during the pandemic with food delivery. Over the last year, other delivery services have followed our lead. This is exactly what we set out to accomplish. It’s now time to expand what we can offer to the restaurant industry. We can’t tell you what we are working on, but know that it will be HUGE! And also awesome! 

On a Mission

Our overall mission is to make business easier for restaurants. We want to help them make more money all the while being able to better care for their customers. We can’t wait to share what we have in store!

By Leslie Radford

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