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Why Restaurants are Switching to Orderlivery and Increasing Their Profits

By Leslie Radford

Key Takeaways

Increase in orders

More business opportunities

Less overhead

Exposure to new customers

Pay less commission

Increase your profit

We are local

The business of delivering restaurant meals to your home or business is rapidly changing and allowing customers to order from a wide array of restaurants with a single tap of their mobile phone. Online food-delivery platforms, like Orderlivery, are expanding choice and convenience and exploring options that not only suit the customer but the restaurant and delivery drivers as well.

Fast-Changing Market

Yes, food delivery is a fast-changing market that is catching on across the globe because it is a much-needed service, especially after the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. The pandemic left many restaurants in its wake and only able to recover after implementing a delivery service.

Back in 2016, food delivery orders made up 7% of restaurant sales in the U.S., according to the New Yorker. Over the next few years, we saw the number of people ordering delivery and takeout steadily increase. Those numbers jumped again with people being forced to stay home due to COVID-19.

Increase Profits

Another news source reported that Americans ordering takeout went from 19% in February 2020 to 22% in March and April. During the pandemic, restaurants that offered online ordering conducted around 30% of their business this way. They had seen a 10- 20% increase in sales on average versus dine-in orders and much of this made up for reduced foot traffic.

We expect to see this trend continue with a large portion of a restaurant’s business coming from online ordering. Some restaurants were saved by this revenue stream as it provided opportunities for increased check sizes and sales. If you are not offering delivery, you’re missing out on a growing revenue stream.

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Less Labor Costs

In the previous year, many restaurants relied on third-party apps for both takeout and delivery. While others opted for an in-house online ordering system which ultimately cost them more because they had to hire the staff and train them and also integrate a new ordering system. Orderlivery trains its own staff (professional hand-picked drivers and courteous customer service agents) at no cost to you and gives you a platform to integrate online ordering at no additional cost.

Using a delivery service like Orderlivery will help curb costs of hiring and training staff and integrating a system to allow for online ordering. 

Lower Commission Fees

Other delivery apps can charge as high as 35%, taking a large portion of your profits. Orderlivery charges up to 15% so you can keep more money in your cash register. This was our number one reason for starting our business!

More Customers

By offering delivery, you’re able to serve a wider range of customers with less overhead. Delivery very well could become the bulk of your business and you could save more money on labor for front-of-house staff.

Delivery can help you reach new customers outside of your regulars. In urban locations, where potential customers may not have access to a car, you’re able to reach them too. Third-party apps can help amplify this reach since they double as marketing platforms because they’re putting your restaurant in front of their collective millions of customers.

Locally Owned and Operated

While other delivery platforms are from other states (and even countries), it’s good to know that Orderlivery is a small local business founded and operated in Arlington, Texas. We are happy to collaborate with other small businesses as well. 

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