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Essential Guide to Ordering Pho

By Leslie Radford

Key Takeaways

What is pho

Topping options

Types of broth

Healthy facts

Fun facts about pho

How to order pho on the Orderlivery app

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There are noodle soups, and then there is pho. There’s an art and a balance to this complex dish. And it’s a winner in our book here at Orderlivery. We just can’t quit delivering this delicious bowl!

We are just getting started here at Orderlivery, constantly pursuing some of the best restaurants in the area to offer you delicious, fresh meals. One of our participating restaurants, Pho95, is just one of the best places to order a scrumptious meal for lunch or dinner.

If you’ve never eaten or maybe never even heard of pho, read on to find out what you need to know.

What is Pho?

This hearty, Vietnamese soup features heaps of rice noodles, thinly sliced meats, and a piping hot, aromatic broth. With origins believed to trace back to northern Vietnam in the late 1800s, pho has been around for some time filling bellies with healthy deliciousness.

Pho95 uses a delicate broth infused with herbs, onions, and beef bones and their pho is served with rice noodles with bean sprouts, basil, jalapenos, and lime on the side. 

bowl of pho

What are All of These Toppings?

Often, the accoutrements that accompany pho are: basil, bean sprouts, and lime. You might also see coriander, cilantro, jalapenos, chilies, or onions.

Hoisin, sriracha, and fish sauce are the sauces that are typically available. However, pho purists usually suggest savoring the broth in all its glory before going overboard with sauces and herbs.

Which Broth is Which?

Here’s a simple breakdown for the most common phos you’ll see on a menu:

  • Phở bò: beef broth pho (protein: sliced beef)
  • Phở gà: chicken broth pho (protein: chicken)
  • Phở chay: vegetable broth pho (protein: tofu/mushrooms)

A Healthy Dish

Pho is actually one of the healthiest dishes you can order. Bone broth has many health benefits because it’s high in nutrients. It’s also said that it can help heal the gut. Of course, you can’t go wrong with something that’s full of vegetables. A typical bowl of pho can consist of around 30 grams of protein. Bonus: it’s also low in calories!

Fun Facts

  • Phở is primarily eaten for breakfast in Vietnam.
  • It’s Vietnam’s most popular dish.
  • The correct pronunciation is “fuh.”
  • The north and south have slightly different pho styles. In north Vietnam, it’s simple and boasts a very clear broth, and slightly wider noodles. Usually only lime, bean sprouts, and chilies are offered for toppings. In south Vietnam, the broth is slightly sweeter and there are copious toppings and sauces.
  • Slurping is encouraged! In fact, it’s rude not to.
People eating pho with chopsticks and spoon

Order Pho

Orderlivery will be happy to deliver you next bowl of pho. It’s a dish you can’t go wrong with. We guarantee it’ll be served up fresh and hot! Simply log onto our app, select Pho95, and put a bowl of pho in your cart. Wait for the vendor to accept your order, and we will deliver it you at home or work without skipping a beat!

Who is Pho95?

Locally owned and operated, Pho95 is a one-stop destination for Asian Fusion and Vietnamese food in Arlington. With two locations in the area, Orderlivery will deliver your order quickly. Learn more about this local business here

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