Orderlivery was founded with a mission to grow and empower our local economy, especially local restaurants that took a massive hit in 2020. With many of the challenges from the Covid pandemic likely to extend into 2021 and beyond, we recognize our commitment to supporting the people and local businesses that power our new endeavor has never been more important.

Empowering Our Community

Empowering local businesses and people within our community is our goal. Here’s how we do that: At Orderlivery, we believe that restaurants need to reach customers in new ways and that includes offering delivery services that won’t break the bank. We believe in creating flexible jobs that pay well so that our delivery drivers (Envoys) can make a living. We believe in providing the best delivery service available when it comes to food delivery because your customers deserve delicious hot food when they want it.

Empowering Envoys

Flexible work opportunities with low barriers to entry are more crucial than ever, enabling people — particularly in those communities hardest hit by the pandemic — to earn an income almost immediately even as unemployment rates skyrocket.

In order to help Envoys (our delivery drivers) secure their financial futures, we give them wages plus mandatory minimum tips to ensure they are paid fairly for the service they provide. Envoys have the opportunity to make better tips by providing exceptional customer service with suggestions they learn through our onboarding training.

To learn more about becoming an Envoy, click here.

Empowering Local Merchants

With local restaurants opening back up and getting back into the swing of things, we know that anywhere they can save money without sacrificing quality is crucial. That’s why we charge a lower commission rate and have several options when partnering with Orderlivery so these businesses can chose what’s best for them.

We are steadfast in our commitment to helping merchants succeed. Restaurants reopening by operating delivery-only kitchens in order to grow their business without traditional overhead costs will greatly benefit from our service. Orderlivery provides all the necessary technology to get you up and running.

To learn more about partnering with us, click here.

Empowering Customers

Your customers have the ability to get you back on your feet with our delivery services. Every time they order from your restaurant through our app, they’re putting money in your pocket—they’re supporting your business—they’re strengthening the local economy. They’ll feel good about helping local businesses thrive.

Learn how to order here.

Having an Impact

As a small business ourselves, we understand the struggle many of you are facing. Partnering with others not only makes your business stronger, but it makes our community grown closer together.

Our hope is that:

  • Your restaurant will count on us to deliver your fresh food to hungry customers
  • We can help that single dad with a way to make some extra cash
  • We can provide hot fresh food to customers in less time than the other guys
  • Our community will support each and every one of us

We are so blessed to be able to provide services to our local restaurants, jobs to our citizens, and customer service to those supporting your business. Orderlivery is just getting started, but we have so much planned for the future!

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